Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I haven't forgotten about you!

I concluded my last post by saying a tropical storm was approaching… then nothing from me for weeks. Thanks for all your concerned e-mails and texts making sure I was alright! (Okay… I didn’t actually get any, but I’m sure you were all very concerned. :) ) As it turned out, that storm veered away from the island at the last moment.

But around the same time, my workload exploded… long hours, looming timelines, and mental fatigue pushed the blog aside. But we’ve made good progress and this week I feel like we’ve reached a half-way point in the project. So I apologize for the lack of posts because I do want to stay connected with you guys back home. But kicking ass is more than a full time job, and when you don’t hear from me… that’s what I’m doing. :)

The big news is that I’ve moved out of the hotels and into an apartment! Finally. The place is in a brand-new building 2 blocks from the beach in Condado (a very happening, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood of San Juan). I feel so blessed – I really could not have asked for more. All I need now is for you to come and visit. Seriously… why not? Those airline miles are just burning a hole in your pocket. Here are a few photos of the place for your review:

Kitchen: Boo electric stove. Hooray counter space!
The fridge has a touch screen... and a help button. Hopefully things won't get to the point where I need help from my fridge.

Living Room: Floor-to-ceiling windows, just like home.

Dining Room: Yes, that is a six-pack of Samual Adams on the counter. Octoberfest is here!

In case anyone was concerned that I've forgotten how to cook after living in hotels for a month, I give you penne with homemade vodka cream sauce (thanks to Waldo for giving me the recipe those years ago). There was also garlic bread, but it did not pose for a photo.

The view from those 15th story windows.

This got me thinking... after living in SoCal (where there are no clouds) for two years, I'd forgotten how beautiful clouds can be. Of course, photos don't do them justice, but here's a few of my humble efforts to capture their splendor.

A view of Marimar and Condado Lagoon. But doesn't it sort of look like Cambridge from the Boston side of the Charles? And that's Memorial Drive? C'mon, just humor me.