Friday, February 13, 2009

El penúltimo día en España

Normally the last day of school has the sentiment of liberation and excitement. But today is different... it´s my last day of Spanish school, and it´s with a feeling of sadness that I say goodbye to my classmates and teachers.

This week each student in my class had to give a presentation about their job. Today I gave an overview of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process. The good news is that I couldn´t have done this a month ago, so progress has been made. The bad news is that I feel like I still have such a long way to go in terms of learning Spanish. But I´m convinced that if I continue working once I get home, I´ll eventually reach my goal of fluency.

In the month that I´ve been here in Madrid, the weather has ranged from drizzly to partly cloudy, but this week it´s been sunny and warm every day. It´s as if the city is giving me a hug goodbye, which isn´t making it any easier to leave. I´ve been feeling a little melancholy all week knowing that my time in Madrid is nearly over. This place has an addictive quality about it... the more time I spend here, the longer I want to stay. This week I´ve spent a lot of time simply walking around the city trying to soak up its essence. My conclusion: there´s no question about it... I will be back.

Well... this is my last post from Spain, but I´m planning to make a few more once I get back to (finally) show some photos and to wrap things up. You´ll hear more from me on Monday... from Los Ángeles.

To the city of Madrid: Gracias por todo lo que me has dado. Me encantas y te voy a extrañar. Pero regresaré otra vez, te lo prometo. Hasta la próxima...


  1. what a sad post! but i'm glad you have made such good progress and enjoyed your time so much. i will miss your bloggie!

  2. Glad you are on your way back and that Spain was all you wanted. I can't wait to see the pictures! I'm hoping you have some new culinary treats for us at Oasis now! The food is marvelous there

  3. Awe bud... you're gonna make me cry. It seems like reality has finally set in and you have to return to your mundane life here in Los Angeles. But know that you were missed and that we can't wait to see you... or at least I know that I am. I miss my buddy! Safe travels and see you soon my friend!